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Whole body vibration was first used by the cosmonauts to combat muscle and bone loss caused by extended stays in zero gravity. Today, Power Plate has continued developing the technology to create products and training programs that deliver legendary performance for professional sports teams, medical facilities, health clubs, studios and individuals around the globe.

As the world’s leader in whole body vibration technology, people of all ages and physical abilities trust Power Plate to bring their bodies into harmony—the place where optimal physical performance, health and wellness are all in balance and working together.

Caroline has been a consultant and integral part of the Power Plate company and brand for over ten years developing workout programming, research, delivering accredited courses to personal trainers and medics as well as devising and presenting media content for online and television. Most recently she partnered with Power Plate and Virgin Active Health Clubs Australia to launch her 'Train Like A Gladiator' workout classes. Currently all the Virgin Active Health Clubs in Australia run Caroline's classes and have seen a noticeable increase in Power Plate class attendance and retention since. She is now set to launch an additional three series and bring the workouts to the UK and US too. The 'Train Like A Gladiator' workout series includes three different classes that follow Caroline's method of high intensity training. These are: The Gladiator Workout   •   360 Abs   •   Train Like An MMA Fighter

"At VA Moore Park we have experienced a revitalised attendance record for Powerplate classes thanks to the new Gladiator series. We have gone from an underperforming class attendance to full capacity in these classes, in particular Train like a Gladiator and 360 degree Abs are consistently full. Our members are loving the “legs-arms-abs” rotation system in Gladiator 1 followed by the cardio burner at the end of each circuit. It gives them a chance to challenge their strength in the first 3 exercises and finish off with a high intensity round at the end. The strength movements are tough and can be regressed to beginner level whilst be difficult enough to leave an advanced trainee struggling to finish! Cant wait to roll out the next round of the Gladiator series."

- Sarah Newman, Fit Pro Team Leader, Virgin Active Moore Park, Australia

Gladiator Sizzle Reel

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*Workouts require Power Plate equipment.