The big freeze everyone is talking about!

Do you know the benefits associated with short exposure to extremely cold temperatures? If not I’m here to share some nuggets of information on this and my personal experience at Cryhealthcare in Los Angeles. Thank goodness my days of sitting in an ice bath for recovery are behind me and I can achieve even better results in less than 3 minutes! If you’re intrigued then read on


  • A process where the body is exposed to ultra-low temperatures that range between -200F and -256F as an alternative to ice packs and ice baths.


  • As a supplement to a health & wellness program to rejuvenate, improve athletic performance, recover and energise.


  • Pain relief & muscle healing.
  • Support the process of weight loss & increase metabolism throughout the day.
  • Reduced inflammation and all the benefits associated with this.
  • (Research is still new and limited but these are the most reported benefits).


  • Cold obviously ha!
  • A little unpleasant to begin with but feels better during each treatment as the body adjusts to the low temperature.
  • Surprisingly calming as you focus on slowing your breath and relaxing your muscles during the treatment.
  • Immediately after you step out you feel amazing! I personally feel light and as if I can feel the tension flowing out of my body as it starts to warm up again and blood surges back to my extremities.


  • You’ll either stand in a chamber with your head above the edges or in the case of CryoHealthcare where I visit they mostly use a walk in chamber/room where your whole body (including your head) experience the cold.
  • You’ll wear your underwear and are provided with long socks, plastic shoes, gloves, ear protectors and a face mask.
  • It’s not for everyone so always consult your doctor if you have any medical conditions. I’ve read that pregnant women, children & people with severe high blood pressure & people with heart conditions should not try cryotherapy. And cryotherapy for longer than a few minutes can be dangerous so always visit a reputable practice. –
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