Workout with me: Power Plate Virtual Series

Caroline Pearce Power Plate Work Out

I’ve been a master trainer and spokesperson for Power Plate for over ten years so am super excited to share this new virtual series with you that I have instructed alongside my fabulous colleague Sylvie Patrick.

Each workout has been designed so you can follow along in real time as we go through the workouts, and they are all around 10 minutes in length. So if you want a quick blast or to combine several workouts together these should do the trick!

Workout With Me: Power Plate Virtual Series

The 10 workout videos are:

  • Movement Preparation
  • 3D Dumbbell Integration
  • 3D Medicine Ball Integration
  • Body Weight Conditioning
  • 3D Core Essentials
  • 3D ViPR Integration
  • MMA Fit (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Yoga Essence
  • Running Reset
  • Dynamic Recovery


You can find the videos here:

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