2016 Kabaddi World Cup Ahmedabad

Caroline Pearce, 2016 Kabaddi World Cup Ahmedabad

I’m currently in Ahmedabad, India getting set to anchor the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup for Star Sports India. With two weeks of training on the sport and on site rehearsals whilst the stadium is being built around us I’m happy to say I feel ready for this challenge – just! New sport, new network to represent and first time to India. What an experience.

If you’re wondering what Kabaddi is then it’s defintely worth a Google… It’s pretty insane – a fast paced contact sport that can best be described as a mix between touch rugby and wrestling. Two teams go head to head on a court 13 by 10 metres in size where the attacking team sends one ‘raider’ into battle to score as many raid points (touch points) as he can in 30 seconds without the defending tackling him.

This World Cup sees 12 teams from 6 continents compete over 16 days to see who will be crowned the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup champions. It will be aired on Stars Sports 1 & 2 and the hotstar app in India with the world feed being shown on Sky Sports Mix in the UK and Fox Sports in the US as well as on numerous other networks around the world.

I’m sharing each day of my experience on my insta story (@carolinepearcetv) and snapchat (carolinepearce) if you’d like to follow along. Most amusing is my road trip to the Arena each day. Let’s just say ‘what do you get when a cow crosses the road in India…?!’ Eek!

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